More than UAH 1,600,000 to save the lives of pets in shelters: the results of the "Paw Care" campaign

The chain of pet stores MasterZoo, part of the Suziria Group of companies, and UAnimals, supported by Visa, announced the results of the third wave of the "Paw Care" campaign. Thanks to the initiative, it was possible to collect over UAH 1,632,360 within two months. Proceeds will be used to purchase quarantine boxes, which will help save pets in shelters.

According to veterinarian Viktor Vorotnikov, up to 70% of puppies and 30-40% of kittens can die in shelters without special conditions. Aanimals that come to shelters have weak immunity, so they face the risk of infection from other animals, which leads to deaths. Instead, quarantine boxes make it possible to comfortably isolate animals, provide medical care, support their health and ensure safety before getting a new home.

That is why the goal of the third wave of the "Paw Care" campaign was to provide shelters with isolation boxes for postoperative rehabilitation. This will provide an opportunity to cure and save the lives of thousands of animals in need. The collected funds have already been transferred to the UAnimals fund.

"Animals that UAnimals takes out of frontline areas often need treatment because they have shell wounds, contusions, or neglected fractures and tumors that no one has ever treated. The 26 quarantine boxes that we will purchase with the money collected thanks to the "Paw Care" will enable us to effectively treat animals in 26 shelters in Ukraine. These boxes will last for many years and will help thousands of animals," says Valentina Tarkovska, Head of Partnerships and Fundraising.

In particular, UAnimals will purchase and deliver boxes for such shelters as the "Bezprytulnyi Svit" Rescue and Evacuation Center in Kyiv region, the "Kotonosyky" shelter, the "Vsi Khvostiky" shelter, the "KotoHata" shelter, Gostomelsky shelter, Daria Korkh shelter, PO "Fatum", CO CF "Shans Animal Protection Service", Sumy Society for the Protection of Animals, Babinetskyi shelter, CF "Zoosimya", "Novyi Svit" shelter and others.

The initiative lasted from September 19 to November 19, 2023. Anyone interested could join by purchasing a sticker in the shape of a paw for UAH 10 in pet stores or the MasterZoo online store. By paying the "paw" with a Visa card, Visa converted UAH 10 into charitable UAH 30. In stores, you could also sign stickers with the name of your pet, thereby attracting him to help.

In just two months of the campaign, more than 75,000 stickers were sold, which is 32% more than the number of stickers sold during the previous wave of the campaign.

""Paw Care" is a contribution to support shelters and preserve the lives of homeless animals. We observe that with each new initiative launched, the number of people who want to help pets grows. If the number of purchased stickers reached 35,000 in the first wave, 57,000 in the second, then 75,500 in the third. Thank you to everyone who joined our campaign. MasterZoo plans to continue launching projects aimed at helping animals. It is possible that there will be a fourth wave of "Paws Care", taking into account the positive dynamics of the increase in the involvement of Ukrainians in the campaign", comments Denys Rogachev, Director of the E-commerce Department of the all-Ukrainian chain of the MasterZoo pet stores.

This is already the third successful launch of "Paws Care". Thanks to the project, more than 4 million hryvnias were collected in total. After the first wave, which lasted during August-October 2022, it was possible to sterilize and vaccinate 251 animals in different regions of Ukraine. And the proceeds after the second wave at the beginning of 2023 were directed to the purchase of veterinary drugs and the treatment, sterilization and vaccination of animals affected by the war.


MasterZoo is an all-Ukrainian chain of pet stores that is part of the Suziria Group of companies and has been providing pet food, veterinary drugs, ammunition, basic necessities, etc. for more than 15 years. 174 MasterZoo pet stores in 35 cities of Ukraine open their doors every day. Our mission is the well-being of pets! And we are sure that it depends on the conditions we create for them and their owners. That is why, despite the obstacles, we continue to expand the network and actively develop the online store, so that pets in different parts of the country receive the necessary goods for a comfortable and happy life. Learn more on the website:

The UAnimals charity organization was created in 2016 and is aimed to save animals from cruel treatment. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, UAnimals has been actively assisting animals in conflict zones with evacuation, food, and medicine for shelters. The team has initiated the reconstruction of facilities for animals affected by Russian aggression. An all-Ukrainian program of free sterilization of homeless animals was launched, which is already active in many cities. Learn more on the website:

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