Visa supports re-opening of the renewed Diia.Business consulting center in Bucha

Visa is strengthening its collaboration with Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation by supporting a new start for the Diia.Business consulting center for small and medium-sized businesses in Bucha.

KYIV, May 26, 2022 – Visa is proud to announce financial and logistical support for the re-opening of the new Diia.Business consulting center for SMEs in Bucha (Kyiv region), the city which has been destroyed during the Russian invasion.

The news was delivered by Visa Inc. CEO Ryan McInerney during his video address at the International Diia Summit Brave Ukraine, organized by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine on May 24, 2022, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Visa is a partner of this special event dedicated to Ukraine’s digital transformation progress and current needs.

Ryan McInerney also called international businesses to ‘uplift everyone in Ukraine’ and support restoration of local businesses in every possible way. 

“Digital transformation has been at the forefront of the Ukrainian government strategy before and now, during the war. We are very proud to support the re-opening of the new Diia.Business consulting center for small and medium-sized businesses in Bucha. This small town near Kyiv is a symbol not only of the war’s atrocities, but also of the spirit of resilience that will drive the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine," commented Ryan McInerney, Visa Inc. CEO.

The launch of the renewed Diia Business consulting center in Bucha will be held in Visa’s cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, as the company supports the Ministry in the opening of these consulting facilities for SMEs across Ukraine from June 2020.

Altogether, Visa and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine have been closely cooperating since 2019 as both sides signed an Memorandum of Understanding to develop collaboration around government use of digital payments. In September 2021, Visa deployed Cybersource as a processing solution for the Ukrainian e-government platform and super app Diia, which processes online payments. It became the first time in Visa’s history that Cybersource platform has been used for the needs of government institutions to provide e-com services to the population of Ukraine.

In December 2021, Visa also supported the Ministry in launching the Ukrainian emergency economic incentive to increase Covid-19 vaccination rates by enabling a digital cards issuance and disbursement program. To date, around 10 million Visa cards have been issued in partnership with the banks. 

Addressing participants of Diia Summit in Davos, Ryan McInerney said that Visa is now considering expanding the functionalities and capabilities of the Diia super app to support broader disbursements for the temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine.

Visa has been and remains a strategic ally of the Ukrainian government, one which consistently leads and implements the digital transformation program in the country.

Ryan McInerney, CEO, Visa Inc., added, “Most recently, Visa provided help and support to meet new emergency needs that have arisen during the war. We immediately began supporting banks and fintech companies by providing them with operational support, risk management support and fee waivers. And thanks to Minister Fedorov’s securing Starlink terminals, our team has been able to build additional resilience for our client banks via connection to cloud services.”

You can watch the full video address by Ryan McInerney, Visa Inc. CEO, via the link:

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