Visa, Cherkasy City Council and Smart Ticket Technology introduce digital payments for Cherkasy public transport

On June 30, 2022, a cashless contactless payment system was launched in the city of Cherkasy on more than 80 municipal trolleybuses. From now on, the fare can be paid with any bank card or NFC device.

Cherkasy, June 30, 2022 — Visa, the global leader in digital payments, Cherkasy City Council and the Smart Ticket Technology company have launched a new solution for Cherkasy residents to help local authorities make public transport more convenient, eco-friendly, and efficient. The infrastructure project provides for cashless payment on 81 municipal trolleybuses.

“The introduction of an electronic ticket is one of the big projects that we are working on with the team to ensure better quality passenger transportation. This is one of those steps necessary to create comfort and convenience in our city's transportation system. From now on, we and our utility company will have transparent control over fare payments. In the future, we will be able to analyze passenger trips with the help of an automatic fare accounting system. This will allow us, if necessary, to adjust the movement of public transport — to change routes or increase or decrease the number of vehicles. I am grateful to our partners, the Smart Ticket Technology company, and the Visa payment system for their cooperation in such difficult times for the entire country, and for the introduction of the latest digital technologies in our city,” said Cherkasy City Mayor Anatolii Bondarenko.

From now on, city residents will be able to pay for travel in a modern and convenient way using a plastic contactless card issued by any bank in Ukraine or the world, with a smartphone, or with any other device with NFC technology. For this purpose, validators have been installed in 81 trolleybuses throughout the city.

This is the first experience of cashless payments on Cherkasy public transport, where until now cash was the only possible payment method.

“The fact that the innovative development of the state continues in these difficult times demonstrates the persistent desire of society to build a modern digital state. Ukraine has not given up on the development of a cashless economy and is developing the infrastructure for acceptance of digital payments. From now on, Cherkasy is another regional center where passengers will experience the ease and convenience of contactless payments on municipal transport. This achievement was made possible thanks to the fruitful cooperation of Visa with the City Council and Smart Ticket Technology LLC. From now on, both the city and transport operators will have more transparent control over payments, and passengers will be able to forget about using cash in municipal transport,” comments Oleksandr Stelmakh, Visa Senior Director, Digital Solutions, CISSEE.

Contactless payment on Cherkasy communal transport will work at the facilities of the Smart Ticket Technology company.

“Implementation of an automated fare accounting system in Cherkasy and cashless payments on public transport will ensure the transparency of passenger transportation, an increase in revenue and a decrease in the cost of such transportation, proper control of concessionary travel, convenience for passengers, development of the public transport infrastructure, and improvement of the quality of passenger transportation,” commented Pavlo Romanishyn, Founder of Smart Ticket Technology LLC.

Previously, Visa introduced cashless payments in municipal transport in more than 10 Ukrainian cities.

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