If you urgently need cash, do not look for an ATM

Use the Cash Withdrawal service at the cash registers of supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and other shops and outlets


The “Cash at the Checkout” service is a convenient way to withdraw cash from your card directly at the checkout of a store, supermarket or other point of sale.

“Cash at the Checkout” is simple and convenient! Save time and withdraw up to $300 in hryvnia equivalent* during everyday shopping at the supermarket, filling up your car or even buying food for your pet at the pet store.

*Please note that the point of sale can set lower limits at its own discretion, therefore, before withdrawing cash, you should clarify the information about the current limits at a specific point.

We have also taken care of the security of the service, so in order to withdraw funds at the cash register, you will need to confirm the operation using a PIN code, Face ID/Touch ID using a smartphone or smart watch.

How to use the "Cash at the Checkout" service

Number one

Choose the necessary goods at the point of sale and approach the checkout with them.

Number two

Tell the cashier that you want to withdraw cash with payment for the purchase and the amount you want to withdraw.

Number three

Confirm the transaction using the PIN code of the card or via Touch ID/Face ID on a smartphone or smart watch.

Number four

Receive the funds and a receipt showing the amount of the purchase, cash withdrawal and the total amount of the transaction. 

Where to withdraw cash?

You can use the service at more than 10,000 retail outlets
Логотип супермаркету "АТБ"
Логотип супермаркету "Новус"
Логотип Фоззі
Логотип супермаркету "Ашан"
Логотип магазину Наш край
Логотип "Спіріт енд фуд"
Логотип магазина ""Продукти близенько"
Логотип магазину "Сільпо"
Логотип супермаркету "23 сім"
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Логотип магазину Коло
Логотип "Спар"
Логотип Економ
Логотип супермаркету "Таврія В"
Логотип супермаркету "Фора"
Логотип Лоток
Логотип супермаркету "Торба"
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Логотип супермаркету "Велмарт"
Логотип "Файно маркет"
Логотип супермаркету "Varus"
Логотип супермаркету "Точка"
Логотип супермаркету "Траш"
Логотип магазину "Посад"
Логотип супермаркету "Ультрамаркет"
Логотип магазину "Біле сухе"