Medical and Legal Support

Business card cardholders can travel safely around the world with the confidence that they will always receive the necessary assistance.

  • Free consultations with the doctor, without limit.
  • Search for a local medical worker or a doctor with international qualifications near your location.
  • Search for medical materials and equipment.
  • Travel advice in case of loss of documents.
  • Legal advice.

You can contact the tourist service of medical and legal support by the phone number:

+44 (0) 208 762 8373

(from any country in the world, calls according to operator tariffs).

If necessary, medical and legal support is provided to the cardholder and his family when they are outside of the country of permanent residence for no longer than 90 days.

Basic medical care includes medical consultations by telephone, provision of information about local medical centers and monitoring of the patient's condition during and after hospitalization.


Medical consultations over the phone

If the cardholder feels unwell during the trip but cannot visit a doctor, the travel medical and legal support will arrange a medical consultation via phone.

Information about medical institutions

The support service will provide the address of a doctor (dentist included), hospital or clinic, wherever the cardholder is located.

Monitoring the health condition of the patient during and after hospitalization

Medical and informational service will follow the health condition of the cardholder per request or need, during and after hospitalization.

List of medical support services:

Delivery of necessary medicine or equipment

Medical and informational service organizes the delivery of all medicaments and medical equipment if they are not available in the country the cardholder is in.

Providing medical help

If the cardholder falls suddenly ill and can not get around by themselves and there is no appropriate medical staff to assist them, Medical and informational service will organize a doctor’s visit at card holder’s location.

Urgent medical evacuation

If the cardholder gets sick or partakes in an incident and requires urgent medical attention, Medical and informational service will organize transport to the most convenient local hospital, hospital in the country of card holder’s residence, or another country that provides required medical attention.

Guaranteed deposit payment after hospitalization

If the cardholder has to go to the hospital but has no funds on their card to pay the hospital deposit, Medical and informational service will pay the deposit of up to 2500 USD (or equivalent in local currency) to the medical institution’s account, guaranteeing medical attention in a critical situation.

Providing information about the host country

Providing the necessary information about vaccinations, obtaining visas, taxation, customs control, transportation of goods and products, basic legislative and legal restrictions in the host country, etc.

Providing lawyer contacts in the host country

In case of conflicts related to compliance with the laws of the host country, the service operators will provide contacts of qualified and reliable lawyers and advocates, and if necessary, arrange their arrival at the scene. In addition, the operators of the service have many contacts of specialists in other areas (taxation, accounting and auditing, copyright, business consulting, etc). Specialist services provided are paid directly by the owner according to the issued invoice.

Providing translator contacts in the host country

Experts will suggest translators in the host country, that possess the necessary specialization and qualifications to provide maximum assistance in solving the problems that Visa Business and Visa Platinum Business card cardholders may encounter. Service of the translator is paid by Visa Business and Visa Platinum Business cardholders according to the issued invoice.