Easy way to transfer money from any payment card to Visa card

What is this service for?

Fast Visa Transfers allow you to transfer money and make payments instantly

How to use?

Step 1: Find out the 16 digits of the card

That's all you need to transfer money to the card. You can freely share the card number to family and friends — it's safe.

! When sharing the card number for payment, never share the PIN code, card expiration date, CVV2 code, even to people you know well.

Step 2: Choose a transfer method

There are many ways to use the service of fast transfers to Visa cards.

Step 3: Make the transfer

The money will be transferred almost instantly.

Today, most banks allow you to transfer money within the Visa payment system almost instantly. If it's important to you that the money arrives quickly, check with your bank how quickly the money will arrive if you transfer it using the  Fast Transfers to Visa cards service.

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