Transfers by phone number with Visa
How does it work? 

Sending money to friends and family has become much easier with Visa! It is no longer necessary to know the recipient's bank card number, a phone number is enough. Just select the desired contact from the list. Transfers by phone number are easy, fast and reliable.

How to make a transfer?

Video instruction

How to use the service for transfers in Ukraine

How to use the service for transfers abroad

How to get a transfer?

Receive money instantly by your phone number with Visa! 
  1.  Open your bank's app.
  2. Press "Transfers by phone number".
  3. Enable the function of receiving transfers by phone number.
  4. Choose a Visa card to receive transfers.
  5. Save the settings.

Only a few clicks — and the transfer to the recipient's phone number is already there.

In Ukraine and abroad. It's fast and convenient with Visa.

Service advantages


To transfer funds, it is not necessary to know the recipient's card number, it is enough to have their phone number in the contact list.


Now money transfer is made in a few clicks.


Transfers, like any other operations with Visa cards, are securely protected.


Visa guarantees the confidentiality of money transfers.

Banks that offer transfers by phone number: