Holders of Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum Business and Visa Signature Business premium cards will be automatically insured when traveling.

Cards for which the service is available:

A special service from Visa is available in the following insurance cases:

When does the insurance take effect?

When traveling abroad:

Your insurance will start automatically if, before the start of the trip, you:

  • Paid for round-trip tickets with a premium Visa card.
  • Booked and paid for accommodation with a premium Visa card before the start of the trip
  • or paid for both tickets and accommodation before the start of the trip with a Visa premium card.

If you are temporarily living abroad and traveling to a country other than the country of your temporary residence, your insurance will start automatically if, before the start of the trip, you:

  • You have relevant documents on refugee status or temporary protection abroad.
  • Paid for tickets from the country of permanent residence and back with a premium Visa card; or paid for the accommodation with a premium Visa card, and tickets from the country of permanent residence and back - by any other method; or paid for the tour.

Please note that the travel insurance service for people temporarily living abroad is valid until August 31, 2024.

When you travel within your country of permanent residence*, your insurance will start automatically if you:

  • Pre-booked accommodation for at least 2 nights at a distance of at least 100 km from home with your premium Visa card.

Please note that in order for the insurance to take effect, payment for transport and/or accommodation must be made with your Visa premium card (the name on the card must match the name on the tickets and/or when booking the accommodation).

*Or countries of temporary residence, for Ukrainians temporarily living abroad.

Benefits of insurance

Insurance of the whole family

If you are traveling with a family, they will also be insured — husband/wife and children.

Works everywhere

The insurance service operates both in the country of residence and abroad.

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Purchase insurance

The service insures your purchases, including gifts, against damage or theft worldwide.

High insurance limit

The maximum amount you can receive in the event of an insured event is $500,000 with Visa Platinum Business and Visa Signature Business cards, $750,000 with Visa Signature cards and $2.5 million with Visa Infinite cards.

General insurance terms and conditions

Before starting the trip, it is recommended to fill out an insurance certificate, as it may be asked to be presented at customs control.

You can fill out the policy by downloading the certificate yourself from the link in the Insurance benefits section, or ask for help from the Visa concierge service.

The duration is 90 days per trip, but no more than 183 days per year. If the trip lasts more than 90 days, it is considered completely uninsured.

Your insurance starts and ends when you leave and enter your country of permanent residence.

How different cases are insured

To receive compensation for flight or baggage delay* for more than 4 hours, you must be registered for the flight and take an official document at the airport from the airline about the flight or baggage delay.

Please note that the service does not cover:

  • Loss of baggage in case of delay, confiscation or delay by representatives of the customs service
  • Requirements for baggage that was transported as cargo or on a waybill.
  • Flight cancellation.

*Luggage delay is insured only for departures from the country of permanent residence.

Questions and Answers

The insurance certificates and contract can be downloaded here: https://cardholderbenefitsonline.com/

Insurer: CHUBB INSURANCE SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Authorized Financial Service Provider (FSP No: 27176). Registration No. 1973/008933/06 dated 12 June 2007.