Discounts for refueling at WOG PAY BOX with Visa card

Refueling at WOG is always a pleasure and for Visa cardholders - twice as much. There will be a special offer for you — an additional UAH 1.5 in bonuses on the PRIDE card for each liter of fuel.

Terms of offer:

  • refuel with high-quality fuel at WOG
  • scan PRIDE card
  • pay with your Visa card at the WOG PAY BOX self-service terminal
  • receive an additional UAH 1.5 in bonuses to a personal offer for each litre of fuel
  • spend bonuses on your next refueling or on a meal in the WOG network

Take advantage of a special offer from WOG and Visa.

The offer is valid for holders of all Visa cards.

The offer is valid from August 1 to September 10, 2023.