Visa Corporate card

Visa Corporate card is a solution for medium and large companies, as well as multinational corporations, who want to save time and money by simplifying processes related to business trips and representation expenses. Additionally, this solution is suitable for companies that need a card for business expenses with cash withdrawal and worldwide acceptance, as well as providing additional features.

Advantages of the Visa Corporate card that your company can benefit from include:

  • Better financial control
  • Services for provision of advanced data
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Convenience thanks to online services
  • Valuable services and protection
  • Possibility of use all over the world


Better financial control

Your company will be able to track travel and entertainment expenses, control supplier's prices and set individual spending limits for employees. In addition, you will have access to detailed information about transactions, which can be used to discuss discounts with suppliers and monitor the compliance of employee behaviour with corporate policies. 


Services for providing enhanced data

You can access aggregated information, including detailed transaction data, allowing you to control your business travel expenses more effectively. 


Detailed reports and analysis

Visa solutions allow you to view the details of each transaction. Transaction reports can be selected according to the specific requirements of the company. Data can be transmitted to the accounting system, providing the most up-to-date and accurate information necessary for expense analysis.* 

*Depends on the country.


Convenience thanks to online services

With the help of a corporate Visa card, you can easily book travel tickets online. This card provides your employees with a simple and secure way to pay for travel-related services electronically.


Valuable services and protection

Your employees will be able to take advantage of Visa services for travel arrangements, as well as medical and legal support during business trips. Emergency card replacement and cash withdrawal services are also available. In some countries, primary insurance is available when renting a car. 


Can be used worldwide

Visa is one of the leading global payment brands and one of the biggest payment systems. That is why the corporate Visa card is accepted at millions of points around the world, as well as by the global network of Visa ATMs.

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