Accept payments with a 0% fee for the first 50,000 UAH turnover

Make payments in your online store convenient for every customer. Set up various payment methods using EasyPay — the most popular payment system in Ukraine and a reliable partner in the financial services market.

Advantages of EasyPay: 

  1. Technological processing
  2. Various payment instruments and schemes for accepting cash and cashless payments (website, mobile applications, a network of 20+ thousand terminals throughout Ukraine)
  3. cashless
  4. Attractive terms of cooperation
  5. Own staff of IT specialists (In-house)
  6. Qualified staff and a 24/7 contact center
  7. NBU license and international security standards

Types of payments: 

  1. Payment by bank card on the seller's website.
  2. Cash payment
    Through a network of self-service terminals with subsequent transfer to a cashless payment online
  3. Electronic money payment
    Payments from electronic wallets, payments by QR code, payment through social networks
  4. Payment with a mobile phone
    Accepting payments using funds from the balance of Ukrainian mobile operators

Convenience for business:

  • Personal account
  • Ability to accept international transactions and payments from social networks
  • Online transaction management
  • Savings on receiving cash payments
  • Analytics of sales, transactions, invoices
  • Online reporting
  • Ability to customize payment forms for unique needs
  • Individual tariffs depending on business needs

Convenience for users: 

  • Variety of payment methods
  • Availability of all payment options 24/7
  • Ability to pay online or offline
  • Confidentiality and reliable protection of each transaction
  • 24/7 support service
  • Ability to pay for international transactions and direct purchases from social networks

By connecting EasyPay online acquiring, you provide users with the maximum possible choice of payment for services. The user, in turn, chooses what is more convenient for him.

How to connect? 

  1. Together we define business requirements and agree commercial terms.
  2. We provide a complete package of documents and sign the contract.
  3. We integrate the EasyPay acquiring system and set up a personal account.
  4. We provide full round-the-clock support for acquiring, assistance in the operation of services and configuration.

Simple technical integration

By concluding a contract, you immediately receive a ready solution for accepting payments on your website. We save you the need to spend effort and money on additional site development for the integration of Internet acquiring. EasyPay IT specialists will provide the universal EasyPay API for integration or implement the payment page themselves and hand it over to you for use.

Special offer

Accept payments at a zero rate for the first UAH 50,000 turnover on Visa cards. After reaching the limit, a fixed rate of 2.0% of the accepted payment amount applies.

Connect and set up various payment methods using EasyPay online acquiring —the most reliable and functional acquiring in Ukraine.