How can your business benefit from Sprinto platform?

Sprinto is the platform that works with any cloud configuration and assists you in tracking risks and control tools at the organisational level from a single information dashboard.

Why Sprinto?

  • easy integration of the platform with your cloud configuration for consolidating risks, matching control elements and enabling fully automated audits.
  • adaptability of the platform, which makes it possible to organise, stimulate and record corrective actions for each task continuously and in an easy-to-audit form.
  • specialist support for implementation of the right control means and methods.

Sprinto special offer for Visa business cardholders

Save 10% on all platforms supported by Sprinto with Visa business card.

How to take advantage of the offer?

  1. Go to Poshvine website, click on “Claim Offer” button and insert the first 9 digits of your Visa business card number for validation.
  2. Click Redeem to go to the Offer website.
  3. Click on “Get a Personal Demo” button and fill in all the required fields in the registration form.
  4. After clicking “Get a Personal Demo” button, you will be redirected to scheduling an appointment and once the demo session is complete, you will be sent a confirmation to your registered email address.
  5. Sprinto representative will contact you additionally during the demo session.

The offer is valid from September 01, 2023, 00:00 GMT to August 31, 2024, 23:59 GMT.

Terms & Conditions

Partner's Terms and Conditions.
10% discount applies to all platforms offered by Sprinto. 10% discount applies only to new clients of Sprinto.

Visa Terms & Conditions.
Offer details as shown are based on the information provided by the Partner. Visa makes no warranty that the information provided is correct. Please verify the availability and validity of the Offer directly with the Partner. The Partner is the sole supplier of all goods and/or services under this offer. Visa Cardholder therefore understands, acknowledges, and agrees that his/her purchase of any goods and/or services under this Offer constitutes an agreement solely between the Partner and him/her, and Visa is not and will not be part of this agreement. By using or trying to use any goods and services within this Offer, the Visa Cardholder recognizes, acknowledges, and agrees that: Any claims, complaints, or disputes of any nature arising from or relating to the Cardholder's purchase or attempted purchase of any goods and/or services within this Offer (each claim) shall be resolved by the Visa Cardholder directly with the Partner, and the Visa Cardholder shall not make any claim against Visa. Without prejudice to the preceding and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Visa is not liable to any person for any loss, damage, expense, or claim (whether direct or indirect) in respect of any personal injury, death, misrepresentation, damage or omission resulting from or in connection with the use or attempt use of the Offer or the goods and/or services provided within the Offer.

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