Join the project # ПідтримайСвоїх (#SupportYours) and help small businesses together with Visa!

Currently, small businesses need our support more than ever.

Today, even one purchase from a local manufacturer can save him from closing his business.

#КупуйУкраїнське (#BuyUkrainian)

Support those who support

For some people, shopping is entertainment, and for others it is a lifelong business, a business that feeds thousands of Ukrainians. Behind every storefront, sign or web page is someone's dream and even a family tradition.

By choosing local producers, you support the economy of the entire country. Good deeds in difficult times are more than good deeds.

As part of the global #WhereYouShopMatters campaign, Visa supports small Ukrainian businesses and invites everyone to join the initiative.

It's easy to do — buy Ukrainian from local producers. Visit shops, markets, and fairs where local brands are represented.

Vsi.Svoi is one of these markets. It’s a project that popularizes Ukrainian products and cares about Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Here you will find goods from more than 200 manufacturers and be able to help small businesses, the heart of communities and the economy of cities.

And Visa will help make shopping convenient and pleasant!

Stories that inspire

We share with you the stories of people who help small and medium-sized businesses survive the quarantine and support Ukrainian manufacturers. As part of the #ПідтримайСвоїх (#SupportYours) campaign, we share stories that inspire to buy local products and treat ordinary shopping with responsibility.