• Visa Concierge Service

    Accomplishes tasks, embodies desires

Your any request* - just tell us

Would you like to book a table in a restaurant or maybe order a long red dress?
Concierge service will organize, find and deliver anything to you.

What can the concierge service from Visa do?

Whatever comes to your mind - a dress at three in the morning or a supermarket in Kotor.
Visa's concierge service will arrange, find and deliver anything to you.



*Excluding illegal and immoral requests

Visa Concierge Service

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*You can leave any requests that do not contradict the laws of Ukraine, the country of your stay and morality. Some tasks may not be possible due to reasons beyond the control of the concierge service. In such cases, you will be offered an alternative. Tasks cannot be completed in countries where the concierge service is not available.