Visa Infinite

Visa has collected and combined in Visa Infinite premium cards all exclusive and unique services and privileges that will give you a new level of quality comfort in life. Shopping, self-care, home shopping, health care, travel—expect offers from our partners in a variety of service sectors.

Enjoy premium privileges with Visa

Now all premium offers and services are collected in one place by category and available in just a few clicks

Privileges available in Ukraine

With premium Visa cards, offers and services from partners are always available to you, with which routine tasks, self-care, recreation, shopping and travel will become much more pleasant and comfortable

A family of four watching TV

until December 31, 2023


Free access to TV channels and movies of the online cinema

A woman choosing cosmetic products in the shop

until December 31, 2023


-20% on purchases from chain stores

A man looking at his laptop screen

until December 31, 2023


Free access to the package of medical services in the phone

until March 15, 2024

Creative States

-10% on business space services

until March 31, 2024

Business & Family Lounge

Free access to the lounge at the Central Station in Kyiv

A Bolt taxi car with logos of Visa and Bolt near the railway station

until December 31, 2023


-50% on trips to/from train stations

In addition to exclusive privileges, current offers from our partners are also available to you

With Visa Signature premium cards, additional special offers are always waiting for you

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