Small business is going through times when every day is a new challenge. That's why we created a small business support platform. A digital hub where entrepreneurs will find professional help to expand their business in e-commerce and find new customers.

#WhereYouShopMatters #ПідтримайСвоїх (#SupportYours) is an initiative that also encourages people around the world to think about their own contribution to the development of small businesses and changes in their daily shopping habits.

Become part of something great with Visa!

For buyers

By supporting small businesses in Ukraine today, you are making an invaluable contribution to their future.

For small business

On the Small Business Support Platform, you can get knowledge, professional support and take advantage of the Concierge Service to grow your business.

Start accepting Visa cards for payment

Find out how to discover a solution for accepting non-cash payments that suits your needs.

Stories that inspire

Visa partner projects aimed at supporting businesses and brands in Ukraine

Top 100 local brands and companies

MC.today, with the support of Visa, launched voting in the "Top 100 Favorite Local Brands and Small Business Companies" project. It is dedicated to businesses that simplified and brightened the lives of their readers during the spring quarantine.

Vsi. Svoi are launching a year of cooperation with Visa!

Vsi. Svoi  is a great platform for Ukrainian designers developing their business. Visa supports small businesses and offers great in-store benefits for your convenience.

#Підтримай Своїх #WhereYouShopMatters – Learn more about the Small Business Support Platform